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Hello queen, I'm

Maria Giorlando

I am a 5’2 ball-of-energy who’s broken every ‘pageant rule’ set before me—and won titles & influence while doing it.

I’m here to leave a legacy of inspiration and positivity and help you do the same.

sounds too good to be true?
I’ve catwalked the talk

I’ve unlocked confidence & influence with women just like you. Together we can turn wishful hope into reality.

Helping you live
vibrantly through


Go For The Win

We’ll co-create a mindset and action plan that will reveal your truest self who confidently stands out in any crowd—on the platform, in the boardroom or wherever life leads you.


Queen of your life

Join a community of women on a shared mission to develop their confidence, solidify their next steps, and achieve their next-level goals. Command attention & step into lifelong confidence.

Self Study Programs

Pageant Prep

Take your confidence and mission to the next level by winning the pageant title of your dreams. Strategically prepare for the competition that clearly shows the judges why you are the best fit.

Her results can be yours too

Linking arms with ambition-bubbling women and pageant competitors

I get it..

You see her online and wish it were you.

You compare, criticize, and you find yourself stuck on your way to accomplish all your dreams and desires. You know you’re meant for bigger things in life… but how, where, and when?! Your whole identity feels off and your confidence is shot, sabotaging the dreamer, the doer, the queen in you.

Your vision, inspiration and confidence lies ahead.

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A 30-day roadmap to creating a daily routine that encompasses the vision of your most glamorous and confident self. Your guide to daily discipline and consistent action so you can live and reign as the Queen of your Day.

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