Maria Giorlando

Certified Mastery
Method Coach
Institute for Coaching Mastery

Elite Performance and Business Coach for Goal-getter female entrepreneurs

Be the woman that others say "I need to work with her"

You don’t have to stumble like I did. I know what it feels to be in a place in life where you have a vision of doing BIG things and impacting the masses, but not being totally sure how to get there. That’s not my story today.

My years of trial and error led me to discovering how to truly create an empire of impact and inspiration for women around the world. From joining and leaving working as both a Registered Nurse and Personal Trainer, traveling around the world for pageantry and speaking events, and growing a full-time coaching business, I discovered the pillars to redefine what it means to win in life with the income, influence, and freedom you desire.

6 fig
Business owner in 11 months
of clients winning in business and life
pageant titles won, over 8 years
public speaking events

LEading you to ignite your big vision for the future

Applying the same winning poise it takes to win a crown and infusing it into your personal and professional life.

No waiting for the 'right' time - we don't just polish winners

We crown you as the Queen of your life

After I won Miss Tecumseh and Miss Canada, I had women asking me for my ‘secrets’ to crowning success. This was my first experience of the coaching world and it was invigorating. My clients started to win crowns, grew meaningful platforms and strong personal brands, and I felt more connected to my destiny & purpose than ever before!
This bigger purpose and vision to impact millions worldwide is what led me to take courageous, bold action to pursue entrepreneurship, unlocked my passion for elevating women to build their empires and brands across the globe, and is what allowed me to leave my full-time job as a Registered Nurse building a 6 figure coaching business.

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