Maria Giorlando

Certified Mastery
Method Coach
Institute for Coaching Mastery

Glamour and Confidence Coaching for Goal-Getter Women & Pageant Competitors

Be the woman that others look up to and admire.

You don’t have to stumble like I did. I know what it feels to be in a place in life where you feel stuck, unmotivated, and disconnected from your purpose and truest self. But that’s not my story today.

My years of trial and error led me to discovering how to truly create impact and inspiration for women around the world. From joining and leaving a modelling agency, working as both a Registered Nurse and Personal Trainer, and traveling around the world for pageantry and speaking events, I discovered the pillars to creating a fulfilling life of purpose and impact.

local, national & international titleholder
6 yr
winning pageant career
of clients winning on and off the stage
public speaking events

Empowering you to create a bright vision and future

Show up as a powerful leader and change maker in your community and around the world.

It's time to stop looking at what everyone else is doing

Create the life of your dreams

While in nursing school, I discovered I was meant to become a role model to women around the world. This epiphany led me down a path of self-discovery where I learned to trust that this bigger vision was possible and waiting for me each day, even if she had no idea how to get there.
This inner knowing and confidence is what led me to take courageous, bold action to pursue pageantry that led me to being literally crowned as the International Role Model Ms. 2021!

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