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Hey Queen! I’m so excited to help you go for the win for your next pageant. My private coaching spaces are for the woman (Miss, Ms and Mrs) who already has experience in pageant industry already and is ready to take her platform, performance, and legacy plan for the title to the next level, be it across your country or around the world (we have helped our pageant gals do both!) Private coaching requires a 3-6 month commitment which includes 2 1:1 sessions coaching sessions per month, Monday-Friday Voxer Chat support, and access to exclusive winning programs inside of The Pageant Gal Product suite for Interview, Platform, Mindset and Runway.


Yes, my coaching aims to help women develop the confidence, vision and strategy to achieve their goal, even off of the pageant stage.

The sooner you know you are competing, the better it is to start. With so many moving parts in a pageant, you want to give yourself time to receive the full transformation and get all of the physical preparations done without feeling a time crunch. My recommendation, especially for women newer to the space, would be at least 3-4 months out from pageant day.

Ultimately, if you are fully ready to step into your most confident self so you can transform your life on every level possible, there is no benefit to waiting for the ‘perfect time’. The perfect time is now when you make the commitment to yourself and to your future goals.

My ultimate goal with my clients is to allow them to step into their most confident and glamorous self even before you achieve your goal, whether this be a title, a platform, or another milestone in your heart. Together, we work to overcome the blocks, doubts, and insecurities that may self-sabotage your growth and success, couple this with a strategic plan of action so you can take the next best steps towards your goals, and so you can achieve what is in your heart in a fulfilled and aligned way.