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Hey Queen! I’m thrilled to connect with you and dive into the dig, audacious goals and vision you have in mind. If you’re here, it means you’re destined to be a Queen and make a global impact, and I am here to help you ignite that vision, conquer your mindset, and reign with a powerful strategy and identity that turns any dream into your luxurious and royal reality.

Apply ONLY if you are fully ready to invest in yourself, you are serious about your growth, and you are prepared to TAKE OFF and go global. Whether you aim to scale your platform or business to 100k, build a magnetic personal brand that generates extraordinary paid opportunities, win a prestigious crown and title, and overall you desire to live a more richly rewarding life where you are the Queen – you are just one step away! Complete the application below to get started:


Yes, my coaching is for the women who want to conquer the confidence, vision and strategy to go to the top of their industry and competitions. You becoming the Queen of your life doesn’t happen on the pageant stage, it happens with the goals, impact and legacy you create every single day.

If you are ready go all in and commit to the goals and vision you have, and the actions and strategy we will create to achieve them so you can start creating more income, impact and influence in your life, then there is no benefit to waiting for the ‘perfect time’. The perfect time is now when you make the commitment to yourself and to your future goals.

I combine my diverse background in coaching, nursing, and public speaking with my extensive experience and rapid success in pageantry to help you unlock your next level of potential and create impactful, fulfilling lives. I am known for breaking conventional norms and for my unapologetic confidence and conviction that has earned me international titles and influence along the way. Bigger picture? I see your potential and power that you may not see (yet) and we work together to unleash the fierce and fearless leader and queen within you.