Building Confidence in Pageantry- Story Time!

maria-giorlando-blog-Building Confidence in Pageantry- Story Time!

It’s story time friends!!

Today I am going to explain why it is so so so so SOOO important to build confidence along with your preparation for your upcoming pageant. We discuss how pageants build confidence and promote personal development… but do we REALLY know how to do this? Well I do and I am here to share a story about one of my clients who was able to do the same! If you want to improve your confidence so you can feel like the queen from the inside out both on and off the stage then message me to set up a complimentary consultation!


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About Maria Giorlando

Maria is a four-time local, national, and international pageant titleholder. As a glamour and confidence coach, Maria comes alongside women around the world to live life to the fullest—both on and off the stage.