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Hey everyone, it’s Maria!

As I have mentioned before I am from Windsor, Ontario. Something really unique about the local pageants we have in Windsor is that are usually outdoors on a stage at a festival. They are often really fun for the community to watch and support each of the contestants. Until… you realize that outdoors means unpredictable weather. From 90 degrees and sweltering heat, to humidity, to rain, to bugs flying everywhere, to those random chilly nights, I have experienced pretty much all of the worst nightmares of a pageant girl competing outdoors.

But with this experience has come a wealth of knowledge. After competing in two outdoor pageants, representing Canada in the Philippines for two weeks, and watching hundreds of hours of makeup YouTube tutorials when I was younger I have definitely mastered the art of making my hair and makeup last all day despite the weather!

Knowing how to do your own hair and makeup is not an essential skill of a pageant girl, but it has come in handy as a valuable skill more times than I can count. Impromptu photo shoots and last minute cancellations can come about in the most unpredictable of times, but I never worry knowing that I am able to get myself dolled up and ready to go.

Pageant makeup is definitely one of the skills I wish I knew before competing in my first outdoor pageants Miss Via Italia 2016 and Miss Tecumseh 2016. This is why I am hosting an online makeup application class to share with women my techniques to keeping your makeup fresh all day! Sometimes adding a little bit of blush and highlight in the right spots brings out that more glamorous side of you that makes you sparkle a bit more throughout the day. Teaching women how to amplify their own features so they can emanate their beauty from the inside out is one of the ways teach others to Live Life Alive!

If you would like to join this Pageant Makeup Application Class it will be on Thursday, August 6th from 7-8 pm EST on I would love to have you there!

Chat soon,

Maria Giorlando


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About Maria Giorlando

Maria is a four-time local, national, and international pageant titleholder. As a glamour and confidence coach, Maria comes alongside women around the world to live life to the fullest—both on and off the stage.