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winning a pageant

Win The Crown Membership
Learn with Monthly trainings, community + Accountability

Elevate your journey with the Win the Crown Membership – a dynamic training option offering monthly trainings and assignments. Designed for committed individuals who are ready to embark on a transformative pageant preparation journey, this membership provides a structured learning experience over the span of months. 

Experience the power of group accountability and monthly group Q&A calls. This membership is perfect for those who value in-depth learning and community support leading up to their pageant competition.

The Ultimate Pageant Prep Starter Kit
learn at your own pace with the ultimate pageant prep netflix

Unleash your pageant winning potential with The Ultimate Pageant Prep Starter Kit – a comprehensive bundle of foundational strategies, resources and mindset preparation tailored for the self-led pageant competitor.

This kit is designed for those who thrive on independence, allowing you to implement strategies at your own pace. It’s the ideal choice for individuals seeking an all-access pass to essential techniques, empowering you to shine on stage with confidence. 

Learn pageant-winning strategies

Self Study Programs

Grab the replay for $444
self guided program
Nail Your Pageant Interview

Nail Your Pageant Interview will teach you how to walk into your interview room with the confidence and strategy to answer any < literally ANY interview question, and walk out of the interview room saying “I NAILED IT!”

Learn my bulletproof interview answer strategy for “Tell me about yourself” and “Why should you win?

From the signature winning-interview formula taught in this program we have a 90% placement rate, had 12 delegates go on to win their local/national/international title, and 10 Best Interview award winners within 1 year.

This is for you if you want to:

Grab the replay for $444
Self guided Program
Nail Your Pageant Platform

Establish your initiative as a competitor that is 100% mission driven that ignited that kind of passion and impact that screams “TITLEHOLDER”

Experience what it is like to compete with unshakeable clarity on your ‘why’ for winning and the purpose you’d fulfill as the queen. 

Overall, get ready to make an impact that establishes you as a leader and sets you apart from your competition!

This leads to:

self guided program

Elevate your pageant game and WIN your walk with this specialized program.

Strut offers a comprehensive training library and an exclusive playlist of resources tailored to teach pageant women the perfect walk. Our expert guidance covers poses, posture, and poise, ensuring you’ll dazzle on any stage.

Join STRUT to step confidently towards pageant success!

Strut is for:

3 month group coaching experience
Queen of Your Life

Reclaim your personal power and call in your big, ambitious goals with confidence.

Are you thinking to yourself, “I feel like I can make a huge difference in the world, and change people’s lives, I just don’t know how or where to start”. Maybe you’ve tried to work towards your goals and confidence in the past, only to lose all motivation and action within weeks. Or maybe you literally feel it in your soul… that you’re destined to connect with and impact every person you come across, simply by being YOU.

Your most confident, vibrant, and powerful YOU. The QUEEN YOU.

Queen of your Life has been the ultimate transformation I’ve taught hundreds of clients to embody and step into. Developing unshakeable confidence, taking courageous and bold action, and creating a vision that magnetically and energetically pulls you forward into your truth and destiny.

For the woman who:

For the woman going for the WIN
The Coaching to support your big pageant dreams becoming a reality
Voxer-OnlyStarts at $999

For the woman ready to take her pageant preparation, her movement, and her efforts to the winning level.

Together, we take the guess work out of competing so you can focus on becoming the strong and stand out competitor who effortlessly wins the crown. By the end of our time together you will be able to nail your interview, win your pageant walk, and lead a movement of impact around the world that will make you feel fulfilled even before you step on stage. 

How I work with clients


Understanding what type of impact and goal you’re after. Getting specific about how this will change or enhance your life and why you want to achieve this.


Strategically going after the goal with an aligned plan of action. This means focusing on inner work to uncover doubts and blocks in way, and outer work to take courageous steps towards achieving the desires goal or impact.


Tying everything back to to your deeper desire and inner purpose so that there is fulfillment along each step of the way even before goal is achieved.

Over 5 hours of trainings perfect for first time pageant competitors
Queen Camp

This accelerated pageant training boot camp is designed to equip you with the strategy, skills, and mindset to re-energize your pageant preparation and performance so you can show up fully ready to become the QUEEN of your next pageant!

Competing in a pageant is kind of like learning a new language. Most women I see compete without knowing the ins and outs of the industry, yet have hopes and dreams of winning the title without a proper understanding of the different elements of competition. Queen Camp is going to teach you the facets and knowledge of creating a personal brand, style, platform, interview strategy, runway preparation, social media strategy, and approach to fundraising.

Get ready to show up to pageant orientation feeling more confident, knowledge, and prepared than ever before!

3x 60-minute Trainings
Sponsors Magnified Masterclass

Are you struggling to get a ‘yes’ from potential sponsors? Do you need more financial support in order to fully invest in your pageant dreams? Do you want to be able to approach businesses with a process that has them saying they’d love to support you even before you asked? Then this training is for you!

 In Sponsors Magnified you will learn the strategy to easily gaining multiple cash and product sponsorships & tap into the energy that has sponsors reaching out to YOU.  I am teaching you the exact step-by-step process that I have used for myself and my clients to help them effortlessly and strategically gain thousands of dollars in cash sponsorships, dozens of product donations, and develop a mindset that allows you to connect with potential sponsors feeling empowered and energized.

2X 90-minute trainings
Leave Your Legacy Workshop

Would you start a business without a business plan? Or trust a pilot who didn’t know where they were going? So why be a titleholder without a plan?

When you have a clear picture of what you will do with the title and your year, you can communicate this perfectly painted picture for the judges as to why you’re the best fit for the title. In this two part training you will learn how to create my customized 12-month legacy plan framework for your next pageant reign that is dripping in impact, success and fulfillment.

This is for all pageant contestants who want to compete with a strong WHY, and for the pageant titleholder who wants to reign with a strong purpose and plan of action. 

8 pageant preparation worksheets
The Pageant Gal Custom Coaching Worksheets

These 8 worksheets serve as potent portals of preparation for your mindset, platform, wardrobe, and sponsorship plan of action, and have been used to help my clients around the world go from competing as a novice contestant to having the knowledge and skills to be recognized as an expert pageant queen. 

PLUS access to 71 of the most common interview questions asked by judges across the industry and 25 ideas to tap into your money resourcefulness as you prepare for your next win. You get to use each of the worksheets at your own pace, and my clients have shared with me that they bring them value every single day for their mindset and preparation. A true pageant prep staple!