Celebrate yourself & queens!

Queen, you can be celebrating yourself 1000x more!
nd when you see and celebrate other women conquering their goals and dreams, it gives you permission to do the same.

We are breaking down comparisons and judgements and linking arms to celebrate and elevate the community of queens we have built, whether or not you have won a crown!

Enter your name and email below to join this queen celebration where we will be spotlighting the success of several gals and giving out honorary awards for Big Queen Energy, Big Queen Audacity, and the Win The Crown Queen of the Month for May!

📅 Date and Time: Friday, May 24, at 5:00 pm EST on Zoom

I get it..

You see her online and wish it was you.

You’re dedicated to figuring it out, to forging your path for a bigger empire, and you know your success will come, but doubts and questions still creep in. You find yourself tiptoeing your way to accomplish all your big dreams and desires. You know you’re meant to massively impact thousands… but when?! Your identity is ready to expand, you’re committed to going ALL IN, for the dreamer and queen in you.

Your vision, empire and legacy lies ahead

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