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Meet Maria Giorlando

Take it from someone who knows what it takes to win—from the get go

A 4-time local, national and international titleholder
Maria entered pageantry at age 21, and 4 months later won her first pageant competition. To date, she has also won literally half the competitions entered— 4 out of 8.

I've placed in every competition that I have entered—
Even while standing at 5'2 with crooked teeth, tripping on stage and stumbling during my final question. I knew what mattered more to winning than any small mishap or minor flaw I had was showcasing my heart and energy (AKA who I am!) and leveraging key strategies to stand out and connect with the audience on stage.
As a registered nurse, soccer player of 23 years and half-marathon finisher, I am a lover of self-care.
Pageants, competing, placing and winning national and international titles introduced me to my love of speaking to groups of women and presenting workshops the importance of self care and health.
My quick success didn't just come from my ability to win
But my ability to make an impact in the community around me and to take bold action towards my goals, like travelling across Canada and the USA for speaking events and appearances.
Women started asking me to coach them not just because of me winning and doing photo shoots
But because they see me every day showcasing my story and my platform and it moves them to realize that they can do this too—start something they are passionate about, positively influence others lives and be a role model to youth/young adults/communities around them.
With over a year of love and dedication poured into this no-brainer bundle
I want women to realize that they don't need to be tall, thin, rich, or experienced to start winning and creating community impact now.
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Skills of Networking

Service and Speaking

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Everything you need to leave the judges in awe

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The trainings and resources will help you confidently present yourself in interview and onstage, be empowered to start your own platform, and create your own legacy plan with the title.

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Learning and understand the fundamentals of pageantry

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Take it at your own pace. It will take about 15 hours to complete.

You get immediate access to Queen Camp, Leave Your Legacy, Sponsors Magnified, and Becoming Unshakeable. You also get directed to several other pageant-specific preparation videos and trainings I recommend for any future titleholder.

There are no 1:1 calls or direct Q&A with me from this offer.

You’ll need a good old pen and paper and a space to organize your pageant prep work.

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