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Here is what is included when you upgrade to the Worthy Queen Minimind:

  • 1-month Telegram Minimind: This July, join our exclusive Worthy Queen Minimind for a series of weekly audio trainings designed to help you embody and implement the unshakeable mindset, energy, and identity of a queen who excels in business, pageants, and life. These transformative sessions will offer you expert guidance and the supportive sisterhood you need to thrive during the demanding competition season and the bustling summer months. (1:1 clients, Win The Crown members & The Queen Collective members get automatic access)

    Community of Winners: Share insights, victories, and breakthroughs with fellow ambitious leaders and competitors, all dedicated to elevating each other with the positivity, presence, and grace of a true Queen who always in the spotlight

  • The Strut Like A Queen Runway Call: Join us on July 2nd at 7:00 PM EST to master the art of strutting with confidence and authority, captivating everyone both online and in person. Learn how to walk with a presence that mesmerizes others and transforms your influence. This powerful skill will help you grow your clientele, build a thriving community, and lead a movement that attracts thousands. A replay will be available.

  • Value: Over $300 CAD… your VIP spot for only $111 CAD (price going up soon, join below!)

Learning this process once is great, but worthiness work comes from continued implementation and coaching. Upgrade to join the Worthy Queen Minimind now for only $111 CAD! (~$81 USD)

Assert your presence as a leader and Queen
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